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Why Choose LYTLE as Your Broker?

Our Philosophy & Process


Consider this statistic: over 80% of all businesses now buy or make available some form of insurance for their employees. That’s exactly why insurance is considered a fact of life. A necessary cost of doing business. It isn’t a question of “if” anymore. It’s “what kind” and “how much”.

As more and more businesses buy it, insurance plans have proliferated to such a point that just deciding which one is right for your situation isn’t easy any more.

There’s remarkable spread in costs. Policy provisions vary all over the lot, especially in health insurance. In fact, there are so many variations that cost alone cannot be the only consideration in selecting the right program. Agents change. Rates go up. Often dividends fail to materialize to help pay premiums. Factors such as experience rating or pooling, retroactive vs. non-retroactive contracts greatly affect costs. Unions push for higher benefits. The competitive situation for attracting good people may change. And laws change, too.

Those benefit premiums that were incidental years ago aren’t so incidental any more. Those dollars affect monthly cash flow and have a direct impact on the bottom line. Small and medium size businesses need exactly what they can’t afford: a staff of experts.

Clearly a better way of handling the whole area of insurance benefits is needed. And it is available to your business now. The services of an independent insurance broker who can analyze, organize and put your program out for competitive bids. An objective third party who can evaluate, shield you from time consuming calls from insurance agents, and evaluate coverage properly. A professional who can monitor and service.

LYTLE Associates is that kind of company.

We are independent insurance brokers licensed in the State of New York. Our allegiance is to our clients. To you. Not to an insurance company. Our compensation comes from fees. Commissions are credited against the fee should you purchase coverage through us. This gives us a unique objectivity. An ability to recommend the program that’s in your best interest and to change carriers when it’s possible to save you money or improve coverage. Because this is our business and expertise, we have the staff of specialists you need to design and service insurance plans such as medical, life, long-term disability, short-term accident and sickness pay, voluntary benefits, business travel coverage. Our collaborative culture ensures that we bring the firm’s best thinking to each client relationship, while following industry best practices. Our support staff, each with more than twenty years of experience with LYTLE Associates, has the knowledge and skill to assist clients with program implementation and day-to-day operations. Our goal is to provide our clients with well-designed, cost effective employee benefits that meet the present and future needs of their employees, while providing outstanding client service.

We’d like to show you how our kind of objectivity, professional skill and follow-through can help you. We’d like to show you a different way of looking at the business of your group medical, life, accident and disability insurance that might save you money and make your life easier!

We find the best insurance products and rates available - at no extra cost to your business!